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Future plans (in FY 2006) are aimed at assessing the physics limits of neutralized ion beam compression to short pulses.
The procedure also delivers short pulses of light to the top layer of the skin, erasing fine lines, brown spots and visible blood vessels.
Short pulses of laser light were used to watch an electron moving around inside an atom and time how long it took to travel.
They have discovered that these short pulses can reach deep inside cells, dramatically affecting internal structures but leaving the outer surface unharmed.
UWB theoretically transmits short pulses across a very wide swath of spectrum, and does this within the noise floor," noted Gemma Paulo.
One of the projects at Leuschner Observatory will look for very short pulses of light from nearby stars similar to the sun, as well as from a few globular clusters and galaxies.
The short pulses generated in the microresonator are known as optical solitons (example tsunami wave).
The researchers built a special apparatus to supply short pulses of pressure to cells from all sides at once.
The DTEM uses a laser-driven photocathode to produce short pulses of electrons capable of recording electron micrographs with 15-nanosecond (one billionth of a second) exposure time.
Using short pulses of laser light, researchers from Vienna University watched an electron moving around inside an atom and were able to distinguish events to within 100 "attoseconds".
Fortunately, one result of this work is the determination that amplification of the shot noise is extremely dependent on the input pulse duration; for very short pulses of [approximately equal to] 30 fs or less, the broadband amplitude noise is reduced dramatically.

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