Short entry

SHORT ENTRY. A term used among bankers, which takes, place when a note has been sent to a bank for collection, and an entry of it is made in the customer's bank book, stating the amount in an inner column, and carrying it out into the accounts between the parties when it has been paid.
     2. A bill of this kind remains the property of the depositor. 1 Bell's Com. 27l; 9 East, 12; 1 Rose, 153; 2 Rose, 163; 2 B. & Cr. 422; Pull. Mer. Acc. 56.

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CULL SHEEP: A short entry sold to a lively trade, topping at PS100 from D Radnor and also from TP & AA Beavan.
It is puzzling why National Parks are the subject of a 'mini essay', while a major concept in environmental history such as wilderness has only a short entry.
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Features include a brief introduction by series editor, Ion Scieszka; a short entry, "About Guys Read," concerning the web-based literacy program founded by Scieszka (of which this book series is one component); short bios about the editor, illustrator, and each of the ten authors; and a full-page, black-and-white illustration at the front of each story.
I would have also included a short entry for watches, with which Gibson was obsessed and which make appearance in various guises in several novels.
It is however evidence of the extraordinary topicality and controversy of the Murdoch brand that out of 700 pages of a book covering the momentous period from 9/11 to the Iraq War, The Guardian should lead their coverage on a very short entry about this phone call.
To enter , social enterprises can complete a short entry form downloadable from www.
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For instance, there is a disappointingly short entry on the Carter Family (the author classifies them as 'Country' and refers the reader to one of his other discographies for more information), and, conversely, a surprisingly thorough section on Harry Belafonte.
The short entry on transportation and trafficability mentions that the subtropical alpine climate of this section makes transportation for vehicles other than by road impossible, and that the dirt roads are in clayey and loamy soils.