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Ulster University lead researcher, Professor Kathryn Saunders, said that while having a myopic parent plays a role in whether a child is short-sighted, the rate at which children are becoming myopic suggests that there are more factors involved than genetics alone.
This will cause unnecessary suffering for already stressed patients and is an economically short-sighted measure.
Short-sighted consumption and strategic consumption have different psychological distances: Strategic consumption itself is associated with longer temporal distance, and short-sighted consumption itself is associated with shorter temporal distance.
Inevitably, as history tells us, people will demand supporter to know why this short-sighted plan was ever allowed to take place.
This decision to demolish is short-sighted, ill-conceived and demonstrates a fundamental lack of local understanding.
Unite national officer for aerospace and shipbuilding, Ian Waddell, said: "The blame for the loss of these highly skilled jobs in the key defence sector lies with the Government and its short-sighted determination to ram through massive spending cuts in the defence budget.
ISLAMABAD -- Hours in front of a computer screen may increase the risk of glaucoma in people who are myopic or short-sighted, Japanese scientists said on Tuesday.
Putin's action - which drew strong opposition from many inside Russia - is short-sighted and cruel, making political pawns of thousands of children, many of whom have disabilities, who might find new homes with loving families.
They wrote: "There is so much to gain from investing with speed and scale in a modern, low-carbon economy, that the failure to do so appears both reckless and short-sighted.
Those who regularly spent time outdoors at the age of eight or nine were half as likely to be short-sighted by the time they were 15.
A SHORT-SIGHTED sniper sparked an armed police alert after he opened fire with an airgun during a Hearts match.
Summary: Cutting spending on the "big" science fields is short-sighted and could be damaging to Britain, MPs have claimed.