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The outcome of the impending struggle will be a test not of parent power - at least, not in any formal sense - but of the ambition, ruthlessness and perhaps the short-sightedness of Mr McNally and his governors to impose their vision on the rest of us.
The study found that children who played outdoors when they were eight and nine were less likely than those who stayed indoors to need glasses for short-sightedness by the age of 15.
Moumin Al-Reefi, the eye surgeon, for the treatment of the weakness of sight resulting from the short-sightedness with cornea deviation for a Bahraini patient by using Visumax instrument and without the need to use of laser ray, which is known as (LASIK) surgery, the KHUH's Commander added that this is the latest technology used in treating diseases of the weakness of sight.
The oldies among us are a large part of the populace and I rather think that George Osborne's short-sightedness may well be a cause for regret when the next election is due.
Meanwhile, the All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) has deplored the short-sightedness of Polyester Staple Fibre (PSF) manufacturers, causing hurdle to the growth of textile industry and hampering the long term growth potential of man-made fibers in the country.
The power conceit, short-sightedness, the control of means of expression and police treatment of the public protests have made the Mubarak regime "not only a police rule, but have turned the police into rulers," Heikal said.
Into my 77th year with children and grandchildren, I despair at such short-sightedness.
short-sightedness toward Yemen, said Bodine, who served as a U.
This stems from the City's short-sightedness in seeking to make a quick buck.
In the analysis of the Polish Foundation Amicus Europae, whose founder is the former Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski, it is said that at first glance this longstanding dispute seem unfavorable chiefly for Macedonia, but the short-sightedness of Greece calls the attention to Greece again as a problematic and difficult partner.
This method is the result of twenty-five years of study and research of numerous short-sightedness surgical operations that have been performed," he said.
Mark Begich wisely seized the opportunity provided by the recent eruption of Mount Redoubt to point out the short-sightedness of populist attacks on science.