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AOI optometric advisor Lynda McGivney-Nolan said several recent international studies show an alarming increase in short-sightedness particularly in urban areas.
In a two-year study of children aged 8-11-years-old with short-sightedness, researchers fitted them with soft multifocal contact lenses and compared them to a previous study which used single vision lenses.
It shows a complete lack of support for the Bluebirds and a short-sightedness for how Premier League football should enhance the capital economically.
To this end, he concludes with an essay tarrying with Slavoj Zizek's work on violence and argues for his short-sightedness and merits.
As a result of that short-sightedness, Formula One ended up putting up the worrying performance it did [at Silverstone] and concerns about driver safety.
We need a red line but a joint one that all of us who live and will stay here are to underline together, a red line that will separate us from the stupidity, obstinacy, the insuperable personal vanity, greediness, short-sightedness, the lack of care for the future generations.
Professor Chris Hammond from the Department of Twin Research and Genetic Epidemiology at King's College London, and lead author of the paper, said: "We already knew that myopia - or short-sightedness - tends to run in families, but until now we knew little about the genetic causes.
The outcome of the impending struggle will be a test not of parent power - at least, not in any formal sense - but of the ambition, ruthlessness and perhaps the short-sightedness of Mr McNally and his governors to impose their vision on the rest of us.
The study found that children who played outdoors when they were eight and nine were less likely than those who stayed indoors to need glasses for short-sightedness by the age of 15.
Moumin Al-Reefi, the eye surgeon, for the treatment of the weakness of sight resulting from the short-sightedness with cornea deviation for a Bahraini patient by using Visumax instrument and without the need to use of laser ray, which is known as (LASIK) surgery, the KHUH's Commander added that this is the latest technology used in treating diseases of the weakness of sight.
The worry now is that workers and their families will pay the price of this short-sightedness and misjudgement.
The oldies among us are a large part of the populace and I rather think that George Osborne's short-sightedness may well be a cause for regret when the next election is due.