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Based on the NKaS recommendations, the ministry approved, within the given deadline, appropriate measures that are due to be introduced into its internal processes in order to prevent future recurrences of formal and administrative shortcomings discovered in the audit.
The statement added that, "during the meeting, they discussed the security, service and administrative situation in Salah Al-Din Governorate and the problems that hinder the work of the governorate , stressing the need to take serious care to address the shortcomings and problems that the governorate suffers and to ensure the return of displaced persons.
These measures come as part of the implementation of the control and inspection reports on the assessment of the management structures' efforts to rectify the shortcomings, the circular further indicated.
For me, there were many positive things and there were many shortcomings as well, though we can work on those shortcomings together,' she said in Filipino.
Programmes and projects were based on needs, but some beneficiaries assessments in the rule of law sector showed considerable shortcomings.
The above-described technical background has paved the way for a substantial increase in the role of engineering competence and human shortcomings [4].
There are a number of shortcomings in the work of all members of the Board of Directors," chief of the state fund Duishen Irsaliyev told Tazabek in an interview.
I do not totally accept that the severity of the criticism has been politically motivated, as the poor reputation of many of the internal departments has been common knowledge for a long time and their reaction to the shortcomings has been woefully tardy.
The sheriff said: "The failure to diagnose that cancer was attributable to the combined effect of a series of shortcomings, both personal and institutional.
Economists say the law is flawed on paper and its application will only confirm those shortcomings.
said it is gratifying that those who were victims of typhoon "Yolanda" appreciate the work of the administration despite its shortcomings.
The series of RTI's filed with regard to the DDA flats revealed several shortcomings.