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Working with five Western states--California, Hawai'i, North Dakota, Oregon, and Utah--the Passport initiative attacks this issue toward the goal of improving graduation rates, shortening time to degree, and saving students money.
SANYO Semiconductor's 24-bit DSP enables diverse audio processing algorithms, leveraging software assets and shortening time to market for various types of audio processing applications.
* It enables engineers to verify designs for form, fit and function prior to full-scale production, eliminating costly modifications to production tooling and shortening time to market.
Kidney swapping allows patients to circumvent the waiting list for a cadaveric kidney, thus shortening time on dialysis, said Dr.
Thermacore, based in Ashington, believes it can recover the costs of its investment in just 17 months of operation, and the new machines will help to meet the demands of an ever shortening time to market.