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Vincent "Shakers" and the Trinidad and Tobago "Shouters" is unclear, they appear to have much in common in terms of their practice (see Zane 1999).
Since he arrived from Rangers for pounds 8m in the January transfer window it has been noticeable that the France international has taken over as the organiser and shouter in United's back four.
Shouters and Call-Bell Abusers should invariably have a psychiatric consult to assess whether they need medication for underlying anxiety or other mental health problems.
Despite basking in the Best British Blues chanteuse tag, Connie and her gifted band Blues Shouter - founded by hubby and guitarist Terry Harris, along with former China Crisis and Supercharge fretboard whiz John Lewis and drummer Carl Woodward - were spurned as a support act during last year's Summer Pops at the Dock.
As Avey becomes increasingly a part of the dancing group she equates the Tatem Ring Shouters with the out-islanders on Carriacou and, continuing the metaphor of the body, feels that "the elderly Shouters in the person of the out-islanders had reached out their arms like one great arm and drawn her into their midst" (249).
The eclectic company of dancers, shouters (singers), and others whose skills are less easily defined, has a core group consisting of Wilson, Aleong, Wynn, Sham Mosher, Terry Hollis, and Edisa Weeks, who somehow manage to keep the audience focused even when there is nothing recognizable on the horizon.
Incarnation is, after all, the impetus for the first great song of our Christian family: "come on children, let's sing/ about the goodness of the Lord," gospel shouters exhort us today, following the example of Mary long ago confronting an angel.
Often, we become foul shouters and whistlers or pursue careless quests of chaos to the woman with the wolf's carpathian eyes who would read us the cards.
"You talk about different characters - some are shouters, or deflectors as I call them.
If the advance reports are true, once Yeates gets his feet under the table, he's likely to be one of the 'shouters and pointers' that Southgate is looking for.
My mum and dad were shouters and I now can't bear raised voices.
A shambolic version of Chuck Berry's masterpiece Promised Land did not bode well for this concert featuring one of the most impressive female blues and soul shouters to come out of the 1960s.