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But activists fear that even if only a handful of states give UCITA the green light, the software vendors will consider it a validation of shrinkwrapped licenses and a mandate to extend their power.
Draft commercial law rules that provide far less protection to shrinkwrapped packages or cyberspace marketplaces than traditional laws have done.
A shrinkwrapped version of the multilingual Corel WordPerfect for Linux Personal Edition is scheduled to be available from local retailers in the early New Year for a suggested retail price of US $69.
Shelf life of the variety shrinkwrapped and chilled, is up to 75 days after picking.
FDA approved, it is suitable for use on sacks, bags, boxes, multipacks or shrinkwrapped trays and will allow partial pallet destacking without affecting the stability of the remaining load, and with no fibre tear, leaving graphics intact.
Corporate customers can also take advantage of the convenient Corel Galleria(TM) Corporate Account Program which allows medium to large organizations to purchase downloadable and shrinkwrapped Corel products.
The soft drink, which contains real fruit juice, vitamins B, C and D, and has no added sugar and no artificial colours, will be available as a single and shrinkwrapped four-pack (rsp: 1.
Also on show will be Conveyors Systems market leading powered roller conveyors in mild and stainless steel for handling cases, shrinkwrapped packs, tote bins, boxes etc.
Getting iCat's shrinkwrapped software into the hands of resellers and VARS worldwide ensures that iCat is part of every e-commerce purchase decision.
If it is allowed to close, the alternative is a full meal or a tasteless shrinkwrapped sandwich.
The variety of pack formats that can be protected in this way includes oval, rectangular and cylindrical containers, shrinkwrapped trays and even an extensive range of unwrapped items of varying shapes and sizes.
From September, a shrinkwrapped outer of original and one of aniseed comes with a free 200g millennium biscuit tin filled with Danish cookies.