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The Press Syndicate condemned the decision to shut-down the FJP newspaper in an official statement released on Friday.
Team members came in at night for shift change several weeks prior to "D-day" and were on hand for the actual shut-down.
Both families feature the power factor shut-down feature and are available in three frequency options -- 65 kilohertz (kHz), 100 kHz, and 133 kHz.
We determined that a shut-down and furlough was the best way to reduce the number of planes to match market demands.
Despite a record-breaking snowstorm that shut-down most of the East Coast on the opening day of the show, and a &uot;state of emergency&uot; in Virginia and Maryland on the second day of the event, ComNet 2000 attracted more than 20,000 people to the snow-bound Washington DC Convention Center, January 25-27.
CalComp also said that since it expects to reach its credit limit during January 1999, and does not anticipate it will be able to obtain additional funding from other sources, the company will be required to consider strategic alternatives, including the sale of some or all of its operations, an orderly shut-down of its operations, and should neither of these options be successfully realized, the possible filing for protection under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code.