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A BAHRAINI Siamese twin, who survived a complex operation to separate her from her sister in Saudi Arabia last month, has returned to Bahrain.
The article, dated Wednesday May 12, 1965, describes an operation to separate a pair of Siamese twins in Turin, Italy.
The delay was caused by studios' reluctance to back a comedy about Siamese twins.
Siamese twins Sanchia (left) and Eman Mowatt at their home in Great Barr; Picture, JOHN JAMES
The boys, who have wisps of dark curly hair, will be treated by surgeons in Dallas who specialise in separating Siamese twins.
Siamese twins, or conjoined twins as they are known in medical terms, occur in about one in 100,000 pregnancies.
One To Watch Joined: The World of Siamese Twins: A warm and personal insight into the unique problems faced by Siamese twins and how they and their parents learned to cope.
The exhibits of "Ursa the Bear Lady" from India, the Chinaman's long queue, a living Chinese beauty with feet of two and half inches long, the performing Siamese twins joined by a ligature at midtorso were all packaged as abnormal in bodies, clothes, and cultures.
Surgeons on Friday began a complicated and rare operation to separate a pair of 10-month-old Siamese twins from Nepal who are joined at the head, a hospital statement said.
It's all that's left after Siamese twins and Leo Frank (the lynched accused murderer-hero of Hal Prince's new show, Parade).
Linked together like Siamese twins, Earth's northern and southern hemispheres should dance in tandem to the beat of climatic cycles.
Their not-always-clear relations are interfered with from time to time by the apparition of the idol (a choreographer's witty find--two dancers in long, bright vermilion wigs whose costume holds them together like Siamese twins, and who act as a single character) and The Elder (three dancers in bright, loose-fitting clothes attached to flats in the wings).