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In fact, new research by BREATHEHR shows that PS357 is the average cost paid by an employer for each worker who pulls a sickie.
Hasikos said people pulling sickies exacerbated the staff shortages in some departments.
A study of 10,000 adults found that one in 10 have been discovered pulling a sickie - either by bumping into a fellow worker out and about or by posting tell-tale clues on social media websites, the Daily Mail reported.
Joe Slavin, CEO of fish4, commented: "We all know Brits work the longest hours in Europel and it's clear from the survey that workers are resorting to pulling a sickie for all sorts of reasons.
Managers suspect sickies coincide with sporting events
STAFF pulling sickies was a scourge in the public sector, Interior Minister Socratis Hasikos said on Friday, highlighting the need for measures to be put in place to stop repeat offenders.
SICKIES 'COST BUSINESSES PS9BILLION A YEAR' HANGOVERS are the most common reasons why people pull a "sickie", according to research by PWC.
Whittaker said that social media monitoring regularly turned up examples of employees bragging about doing the wrong thing, such as improperly using company equipment or taking sickies.
They are taking taxpayers for mugs, what wit their big pay packet and long holidays Y ears ago folk putting on sickies for stress wer classed as lazy Make your own mind up on what teachers ar playing at
Managers said they suspected workers faked an illness to take a Monday or Friday off work and firms said there was a link between sickies and holidays and sporting events.
Susan Anderson, the CBI's director of human resources policy, said some people believed they had a right to use sickies.
Most of you probably work with someone who takes lots of sickies and will be only too aware that it's pretty hard to stop people making up spurious excuses for not turning in.