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Although the 'SC' phenotype people are not usually anaemic, they can get into sickle cell crisis after exercising.
If patients admitted in sickle cell crisis, are not made to get up and walk about within 48 hours or so (depending on what brings on the crisis in the first place), but are kept in bed for days on end, sometimes weeks, and even months, when eventually they manage to get up, they will find they cannot walk properly due to avascular necrosis of the head of the femur.
But in June 2012 Michael was induced into a coma following a chronic sickle cell crisis which attacked his organs.
A sickle cell crisis may be precipitated by exercise, particularly in the cold and damp, and this should be avoided.
In the first case, hypnosis is used to alleviate pain in a gravid patient in sickle cell crisis.
My elder brother, Agbertey, died in childhood from measles-complicated sickle cell crisis.
Evidence for folic acid deficiency in the genesis of anemic sickle cell crisis.
Cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) is commonly associated with periods of hypoperfusion, hypothermia, acidosis and hypoxia that may trigger a profound sickle cell crisis, especially in patients with the homozygous variety.
The involvement of muscle and fascia is uncommon in SCA, but myonecrosis may occur in sickle cell crisis.
She has sickle cell anemia and is in the midst of a sickle cell crisis.
In addition to acute sickle cell crisis, CytRx is also developing FLOCOR for acute respiratory disorders and plans to expand into other vascular disorders such as shock and stroke over time.

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