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7 (year) Kellgren Lawrence score 3 3-4 Sickness Impact Profile 19.
Su diseno esta influido por los contenidos del cuestionario Sickness Impact Profile (31).
Participant A Before After Body structures and function Grip strength (kg) 14 14 MTS Spasticity angle (degrees) 0 0 CMSA arm/7 7 7 CMSA hand/7 6 7 CMSA pain/7 7 7 Activities MAS arm/6 6 6 MAS Hand/6 6 6 MAS Advanced hand/6 2 6 Participation SA-SIP30 (%) 32 36 MTS = Modified Tardieu Scale, CMSA = Chedoke McMasters Stroke Assessment, MAS = Motor Assessment Scale, SA-SIP30 = Stroke-Adapted Sickness Impact Profile -30.
Abbreviations: AUC = area under the curve, COPM = Canadian Occupational Performance Measure, DIP = Disability and Impact Profile, IPA = Impact on Participation and Autonomy, ROC = receiver operating characteristic, SIP68 = Sickness Impact Profile, VU = Vrije Universiteit.
The Sickness Impact Profile (SIP) is a measure of health status designed to be broadly applicable across varying types and severities of illness and across an array of demographic and cultural subgroups.
Health-related quality of life was evaluated using the Short Form 36 (SF-36) (9), and functional status was evaluated by Stroke-Adapted Sickness Impact Profile (SA-SIP) (10).
The Sickness Impact Profile showed that at admission, opioid users had significantly more impairment than nonusers in these activities or function: mobility social interaction, emotional behavior, eating, work, home management, and recreational activities.