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and will, post completion, enable both the Company and Sicon to concentrate on
There's a lot at stake in this industry, and the penalty for failing to provide adequate protection can be crippling," says Jan-Erik Lennefalk, Marketing VP at Sicon Semiconductor.
During this period, the process engineering has been thoroughly tested for use on an industrial scale," according to a SiCon news release.
German magazine WIRSTCHAFTSWOCHE reports about the Award and SICON on page 78 in its edition 17 (April, 22nd 2013).
including the proposed Management Buy-out of Sicon are in the best interests of
The superior performance and ultra-low power consumption of Sicon's products is achieved by using the patented PSAR architecture of the Sicon A/Dvance family of products.
A shredder residue recycling process developed by SiCon GmbH of Hilchenbach, Germany, is being installed at a Belgian scrap facility located near the port of Antwerp.