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SIEGE WARFARE As day broke, following a quiet night, journalists near the upmarket Westgate complex heard bursts of rifle fire and muffled blasts.
He has also been expanding control of the central province of Homs after capturing a strategic town on the border with Lebanon, and has used heavy bombardment and siege warfare to contain rebels dug in around the capital, according to opposition sources and diplomats monitoring the conflict.
Of all the paraphernalia associated with evictions in Ireland, perhaps the most notorious was the battering ram, which originated in ancient siege warfare but was employed to gain entry to heavily fortified homesteads from the late 1880s.
Today what we call "targeted international sanctions" and "export control regimes" in an earlier age was known as blockades and siege warfare.
Also the castle's outstanding water defences made it almost impregnable to siege warfare.
Siege warfare became a focus for military technological advances both in equipment, weaponry, and strategy.
HISTORY: The trebuchet and catapult were part of the arsenal for medieval siege warfare to attack rival castles.
Like North Korea, Iran wants explicit guarantees from Washington that US-led siege warfare will stop and relations with the US will be normalised.
Following an introduction in which he defines siege and states the purpose of the book, the author covers the following ground: (1) a review of the relevant evidence, including the literary and non-literary documentary sources, ancient artistic depictions, and archaeological finds; (2) a discussion of various military aspects of siege, including blockade, negotiation, famine, and thirst, as well as various aspects of the final breaking into the invested town (chapter 3); (3) a consideration of the legal and economic aspects of siege; (4) a discussion of the social aspects of siege warfare.
Arranged chronologically, more than a thousand extracts testify to the uncertainty and anxiety of siege warfare, with a particular focus on what it was like to endure the British bombardment of the city (the title might be Quebec ville ecrasee).
In his study, University of Leicester archaeologist Simon James found the Sasanian Persians were as expert at siege warfare as the Romans.
The twenty-plus years of Polo's often difficult Asian travel, which I studied, and the cinematic spectacle of the court of the Great Khan, which I watched, engaged my imagination more as an adolescent male excited by curious customs, siege warfare, and exotic sensuality than as a critical scholar.