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For example, in the chapter on siege warfare and siege artillery, the author uses Western developments such as Geoffrey Parker's thesis on the primacy of the trace italienne style of European fortifications as the primary comparative tool in analyzing the Asian military systems.
6) Sterne's choice of siege warfare as the arena in which to explore the redemptive potential of diagrams supposes a potential reconciliation between factuality and probability as models of novelistic realism.
Reacting to the resolution, Najib Ghadbian, Syrian Coalition Special Representative to the UN, said today's unanimous adoption of resolution 2165 sends a "strong signal" to the Syrian regime that its calculated policy of siege warfare "will no longer be tolerated.
They were struggling with a type of static siege warfare that none of them had expected or wanted.
It slammed the Syrian government's use of siege warfare and starvation of civilians as part of its military strategy, and charged that opposition groups were also besieging and indiscriminately shelling civilian neighbourhoods.
But Sevastopol was where they engaged in siege warfare - old-fashioned, big artillery pieces, hundreds and hundreds of sorties by the Luftwaffe, and its bombers and dive-bombers.
doc) report released on Wednesday blamed the Assad government for "employing siege warfare, instrumentalising basic human needs for water, food, shelter and medical care as part of its military strategy".
She decried the increasing tactic of siege warfare while U.
Eight bibliographic essays are followed by 19 articles on strategy and intelligence, fortifications and siege warfare, weaponry, literary sources, the West, the Balkans, the East, and Civil War.
SIEGE WARFARE As day broke, following a quiet night, journalists near the upmarket Westgate complex heard bursts of rifle fire and muffled blasts.
Ancient siege warfare did mark a departure from Homer in one respect: It affected civilians more deeply.