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In his view, field warfare needed to be made as scientific as siegecraft had been by Vauban.
The year 1595 was indeed eventful for Lipsius, and the letters draw the reader into these events on quite a personal level: Lipsius, as usual, is preoccupied with his publications, especially his treatise on ancient warfare, entitled De militia romana dedicated to the Spanish crown prince, the future Philip III, a work which had a very positive reception among Lipsius's humanist peers all over Europe, and its sequel, the Poliorcetica, an analysis of ancient siegecraft largely written during 1595; Lipsius is tempted by the offer of a post at the University of Bologna, but is finally dissuaded by counteroffers from his compatriots, who want to keep him in Leuven.
These will include Origins, a state-of-the-art centre based on the geological history of Castle Hill, including dinosaurs, and linked to an underground experience feature, plus a Siegecraft exhibition on the history of the castle.