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n. slang for a criminal defendant's previous record of criminal charges, convictions, or other judicial disposal of criminal cases (such as probation, dismissal or acquittal). Only previous felony convictions can be introduced into evidence. However, the record of "priors" can have an impact on sentencing, as with prior drunk driving convictions requiring mandatory jail sentences, and "three strikes, you're out," providing for extended sentences for the third felony conviction.

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The meeting touched on the future cooperation between Egypt and Siemens in the transport sector, renewable energy, vocational training and tech-driven manufacturing.
Like its American rival General Electric (GE), Siemens is a diversified industrial conglomerate with a long history, but is largely known in Pakistan for the equipment it manufactures for electricity generation, transmission, and distribution infrastructure.
Siemens said the acquisition of COMSA is part of Siemens' continued investment in technology for the automotive industry.
The prime minister appreciated the very long association of Siemens AG with Pakistan, particularly in the power generation and distribution sectors.
NEM Power-Systems > Siemens Heat Transfer Technology B.V., Niederlassung Deutschland
Siemens employees protested in various German cities on Friday against the company's proposal to cut 6,900 jobs, according to a Reuters report.
Our highly-efficient technology will be instrumental to meeting their power needs within the timeframe targeted by the local government," said Jean-Claude Nasr, Senior Executive Vice President of Siemens Power Generation Division, Middle East and North Africa.
Access will also be available to Siemens automation and controls hardware, which is used throughout industry and maintains levels of productivity, efficiency, safety, security, flexibility and uptime.
Siemens said it would pay $37.25 per share for Mentor-which makes software for designing semiconductors - 21pc premium.
Siemens Chief Technology Officer Siegfried Russwurm will head the new unit on an acting basis.
The city blocked Siemens from continuing to work on the project in October.
Understanding the need for continued medical education in radiology, Siemens greatly supports the educational initiatives also sharing results from Siemens' research in the field.