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In response, Sierra Club Senior Campaign Representative Susannah Randolph released the following statement:
The Sierra Club filed the lawsuit to have a judge require the EPA to issue a plan for Arkansas.
Romarco responded that it did not believe the Sierra Club request had technical merit and that the Haile project's reclamation plan and reclamation bonding had been adequately addressed throughout the permitting process.
And Andrews County has joined the battle, suing the Sierra Club in a bid to end its legal claims.
The Sierra Club has deep pockets funded by liberal foundations and knows how to work the media and politicians.
Sierra Club executive director Carl Pope, whose grandfather belonged to the 1930s generation of hunter-conservationists (he fought for state parks in Michigan), remembers when he first recognized these attacks as part of a coordinated smear campaign against greens.
The Sierra Club also has a Sunday morning conditioning hike that begins at Stough Canyon.
The Sierra Club and automakers will be giving presentations and offering test drives exclusively to the press on Friday, September 9, with test drives available to the public on Saturday and Sunday.
Lovato missed the boat on what's been going on inside the Sierra Club.
Sierra Club attorneys argued that the county allowed Miami-based contractor MasTec Inc.
The McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform bill--which the Sierra Club lobbied for with great enthusiasm--was finally signed into law in March 2002.
Sierra Club of Canada recently criticized General Motors (GM) Canada president Michael Grimaldi for a statement last week in which he claimed that meeting federal government plans for a 25-percent improvement in vehicular fuel efficiency could potentially result in "fewer choices of trucks.