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Globalisation offers an ideal opportunity for Africa to enter the world economic arena, if only African entrepreneurs would sieze the opportunities offered.
He is the author of Imagining Language in America, From Revolution to the Civil War and editor of New Essays on Sieze the Day.
Just when we believed Lancaster Gate was about to sieze the moment and drag themselves into a new era of incisive efficiency after years of bungling incompetence they've scored yet another spectacular own goal.
Consider two drawings - one, from 1960, of an advertisement for some now forgotten treatment for baldness; and one from 1961, of a front page of the Daily News, with the headline PIRATES SIEZE SHIP WITH 900 000.
128, 136-37 (1990) (holding that police may sieze an item that is in plain view without a warrant if "the officer did not violate the Fourth Amendment in arriving at the place from which the evidence could be plainly viewed," if the item is immediately recognized as incriminating, and the police have a lawful right of access to the item).
With lessor burdens and fewer challenges, African-American engineers must stand on the shoulders of their ancestors and sieze the opportunity to make this a better world for all.
Most thinking about proto-industrialization assumes that merchant capitalists would eventually sieze on the logic of machine production and then have little trouble implementing it.
The question for Michigan to decide is whether she will by her own enterprise sieze [sic] the present opportunities to avail herself of these vast viaducts of wealth and prosperity, and lead them laden within her own borders, or whether her timidity or apathy will allow them to pass her by to swell the power and abundance of her wiser neighbors.
Bonecrusher Sieze the Day Bless Take a Look at My Life Fat Joe Walk With Me Joe Budden We Gon Hit Em Deuce, Dub and the Junkyard Gang What's Happenin' Method Man Yes Sir C-N-N
Tenders are invited for Fel Pro Anti Sieze Thread Compound Loctite C5 A Or Similar In Pack Of 454 Gm.
These guys apparently had the nous to secretly load a container laden with hi-tech explosive capsules on to a cargo ship then sieze control of the ship.
As business operators move away from property ownership towards management or lease contracts, investors have been quick to sieze the opportunities for long-term income generation and increases in asset values presented by this shift in business philosophy.