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SIGILLUM. A seal. (q.v.) Vide Scroll.

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Riddles, puns, goofy mottos, and fractured Latin--such as the Great Seal of the Honors Program, named Siggy, short for sigillum, Latin for seal--create a joyous parody of pomp and circumstance.
The Sigillum Magnum of the University of Bologna (Bologna, Italy, 1997)
William dealt in one place with irrational belief as exemplified in the power of Solomon's pentangle, and in another with the detestable practice of imbuing seals, rings, and so on with astrological magic, including `quatuor figurae, quae anuli Salomonis, et quinta, quae vocatur sigillum Salomonis' (p.
76), which is now used for the edition with sigillum F, Ragep noted that the manuscript "has occasional Latin annotations [15th-16th c.
Sicut sigillum per ipsam suam formam immediate imprimit ceram: et vera figura qua ipsum informat, informat eam"; Ghent, Summa 1.
Two names that seemed worthy were "Claude" and "Finnbar," but the winning submission came from an honors mom, Caroline Mossip, who suggested either Celia or Siggie (short for the Latin sigillum or "seal"; AU stationery features Sigillum Universitatis Alfrediensis).