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It had the chance to start a new sigmoid curve in 2008 through structural reforms to mold the economy into a better condition with a more advanced apparatus.
The use of sigmoid curves as transfer curves between variables in social systems is related to the economic concept of decreasing scale gains.
where y represents the time-series to which curve fitting is applied, t is time, and other parameters dictate the particular details of the sigmoid curve (slope or growth rate and inflection point).
The reason 91 percent is so critical is that the relationship between torr and O2 saturation in your bloods is a sigmoid curve.
Exhibit 1 shows that if the concept of a sigmoid curve is applied to this evolution, one can see that today we are at the top of a curve in terms of time and technology.
The six-point calibration curve was a sigmoid curve that corresponded to the calcium values (Fig.
In both tests, the course of germination loss in the form of a sigmoid curve is discussed as the basis for their usefulness (Delouche and Caldwell, 1960; Powell, 1995).