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The Integrated Sign-Off Flow, targeting initially at 65nm process node with planned extensions into other process technology nodes, supports advanced design techniques for low power and design-for-manufacturability (DFM).
We are glad to extend our cooperation, so our joint customers will enjoy a robust sign-off solution at the latest semiconductor nodes.
Today, embedded memory IP contributes up to 70 percent of a chip's area -- and accurate power network sign-off is essential to verify these memories for high reliability and yield," said Alex Shubat, chief technology officer and vice president of research and development at Virage Logic.
Fast Sign-off Extraction for Accelerated Timing Closure Extreme introduces new breakthrough sign-off parasitic extraction to improve turn-around-time of timing closure and ECO loops, when combined with industry's fastest overall timing solution, GoldTime.
With these up-coming sign-off certifications, Viewlogic will deliver to its high-end ASIC customers the security that is coupled with using one of the most accurate design kits available from their preferred ASIC vendors," said Gene Robinson, senior vice president of marketing and sales for Viewlogic.
Our cooperation helps deliver faster and more accurate design closure since Extreme DA eliminates the overhead and pessimism of other methods, and also takes advantage of multi-threading technology for sign-off timing analysis.
We're excited by the worldwide acceptance of our new-generation timing analysis, as it fills a critical gap in existing 'golden' sign-off flows," said Sanjay Lall, Vice President of Worldwide Sales.
venture-funded Extreme DA develops and licenses software products for the timing sign-off of 65- and 45-nanometer integrated circuits.
RedHawk was selected as the power integrity (IR-drop) and EM analysis solution for the Integrated Sign-off Flow, a fully-packaged turnkey design flow that tightly integrates pre-qualified technology files, library, IP, and EDA tools, along with production-proven automated script for quick setup and sign-off.
The TSMC Integrated Sign-Off Flow brings together parties across the entire chip design ecosystem into a tightly controlled fully automated platform for achieving best in class silicon quickly and with lowest cost.
With RedHawk, we are able to perform full-chip dynamic analysis with sign-off accuracy of our designs thus improving our productivity and increasing our confidence in tape-out success.