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Tenders Are Invited For Installation And Modification Of Traffic Signal Systems And Related Improvements
Under the project, the ministry of works will be modifing the signal system at the intersection of Sehla Highway with Avenue 33 in Sehla area of Northern Governorate, to include a U-turning facility for the traffic movement coming from north on Sehla Highway.
The traffic signal system was the best arrangement to prevent the road accidents as it kept alert every kind of vehicle while running on the road but the u-turn system is posing potential threat for commuters, said a group of commuters.
We have a signal system for every play if we can't hear our calls.
In May 2006, we announced the filing of a patent application for a new patent for TRAFFIC SIGNAL SYSTEM WITH COUNTDOWN SIGNALING AND WITH ADVERTISING AND/OR NEWS MESSAGE.
Support the Traffic Signal Group of DDOT TOA in providing tra ffic engineering studies and signal system analysis and management for the city's roadway system.
The upgraded wayside signal system is based on Harmon's Electrocode-4 microprocessor track circuits and the ElectroLogic solid-state vital interlockings.