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While Crowley claimed his signature phrase was dictated to him via a disembodied entity called Aiwass, it can be traced back to both Rabelais (whose Abbey of Thelema in Gargantua and Pantagruel had a similar slogan) and St.
Also known as K-Dogg, he spouts the signature phrase, ``Viva La Raza
As far as his signature phrase, Lobel said he just made it up one night.
Its signature phrase ``Yo quiero Taco Bell'' means ``I want Taco Bell.
Bruins radio voice Dave Goucher has no signature phrase, no special way of calling a goal.
He relies on a wonderful voice and class rather than a gimmick, Buffer's ready-to-rumble signature phrase.
com/) capitalized on her fame by creating T-shirts and hoodies with her signature phrase.
Rotman can't remember who thought of his signature phrase, "It's fantastic," but it was added to give a little punch to the end of each spot.
Allen asked so often, and it became his signature phrase, three words repeated over and over for years by young Yankees fans from the Bronx to Bayonne and back.
He brought back the signature phrase from his 2008 presidential campaign, "Yes we can," but said it in Gaelic.
Additionally, all of the centers will receive buttons with Coach Shula's signature phrase, "I heard that
YouTube sensations, The Gregory Brothers, gave a new beat to Sheen's signature phrase, 'winning.

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