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Assistant Commissioners (AACs) Tariq Hussain, Javed Anwar Kamal and Deputy Director, PkHA supervised the operation and 32 signboards through heavy machinery.
The fixing of signboards by schools administration will also encourage local residents to take interest in school affairs and play an effective role in resolving problems faced by teachers and students", he added.
The sources continued that as a result of the drive to remove the wall chalking and hoardings depicting immoral and objectionable signs through advertising of certain products, the authorities removed scores of illegally-installed mega signboards and hoardings from the city streets.
A team from Balykesir Municipality arrived at Zay-nos KE[micro]rfez prep school and began to remove signboards with a crane.
But I really want to ask the Himachal Tourism Department that where were the signboards, where were the fences, where were the alarms in the distance of 14 km," said a student.
Dr Al Nuaimi said 1,310 guidance signboards have been distributed to 28 schools.
We have been getting the feedback that passengers are sometimes put to unease when they require information about certain trains which, in absence of a good number of signboards, they have to obtain by asking other people.
The signboards have a blue colour background with the numbers in white colour in a bold pattern.
Dr Salem Khalfan Al Ka'abi, Director of the Public Health Department at Al Ain Municipality, said the campaign will continue until all unauthorised and unpleasant signboards are removed.
Phay Siphan, spokesman of Cambodia's Council of Ministers, told Kyodo News that the signboards, which are visible from the sky, will be installed on Nov.
The police decision to impose the gag order on Raj was also taken due to his recent Marathi signboard campaign undertaken by him and his party men.
Putting up a signboard without permission and making linguistic or grammatical mistakes in signboards will attract penalties.