Signed lease, decided she did not want the apartment anymore

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Country: United States of America
State: New Hampshire

My girlfriend signed a lease last night and decided an hour later it wasn't something she could do and contacted the agent right away. He told her he would call her the following day, when he did he told her she is stuck with it and had to move in. The reason why she can't do it is because of a new problem with her employment. Is there a grace period in New Hampshire for signing a lease? And if not, what can happen if she can't move in? She will not be able to pay rent with no job. The agent has told her in the past that he had other looking at and wanting the apartment. What can happen if she doesn't move in? Does the landlord need to find another rental asap?


If she cancels immediately they have no damages, so even if they sue they will get nothing...she should be able to cancel...
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