Signed lease and never moved into apt., liable for rent

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Country: Canada
State: Ontario

Another person and I were interested in renting an apartment. I viewed several in one building, then later went to an appointment with the rental company. I was told that all the apartments save one were rented and that if I wanted to hold the apartment I could sign the lease and the other person could sign at a later time. The other party saw the apartment and told me that they didn't want it. I immediately, a few hours after my signing, called the rental company and told them that we wouldn't be renting after all. They told me that I was still liable for the rent. They have since filed a claim against both of us with a collection agency. I contacted the rent rights agency in Canada and they said they could do nothing for me and it sounded like a frustrated contract. Is this a frustrated contract and does the renter have a claim or do I have some recourse legally?


They have no damages if you immediately canceled as you were told you could.You could even sue them if they damage your credit etc.