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In futures studies, the diatomites studied in this paper will be tested in soils with a significate concentration of heavy metals to test the absorptive capacity.
She had significate loss of weight and started physical activity just before the symptoms appeared four years ago.
Consequently, the research of vehicle routing problem, which is a significate topic, has grabbed the scholars' attentions during the past few decades [4].
They stressed that Syria's victory will have worldwide reverberations, indicating that the Syrian people have a highly significate battle ahead; which is rebuilding their country.
Cio che si oppone nelle nozioni di generato e ingenerato, sottolinea Basilio, non e la differenza nell'[TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII], ma la differenza di proprieta distintive, conoscibili in base alle nozioni significate dai nomi.
* The receiver assigns a significate according to the transmitter intentions, the possibility that misunderstandings arrive is generated in this phase of the process.
The interest in research related to iron oxides nanoparticles, like magnetite ([[Fe.sub.3] [O.sub.4]), maghemite ([gamma]-[Fe.sub.2] [O.sub.3]), and hematite ([alpha]-[Fe.sub.2] [O.sub.3]) has been expanded in significate manner at present as a result of their characteristics as magnetism and optical activity and low cost and to their potential applications as catalysts and adsorbent for natural and synthetic micropollutants [1, 2], in Li batteries [3], and in some medical and pharmaceutical uses [4-6].
The MAXQDA software for qualitative analysis was employed for the content analysis and to obtain scores for relative risk and significate differences between variables.
Buitrago Salazar et al in 2015 observed significate changes of 10 and up to 100 orders of magnitude.
While the fixed wireless shows, a significate decrease (64,542 lines in 2015 to 56,958 lines in Q2 2016), the number of fixed wired telephony lines decreased by 1,300 only during the same period.
The good news is that solutions to create significate and sustainable cost reductions exist, and local governments are likely to be able to find an approach suited to their individual needs.
Furthermore, working towards the identification and construction of new and more significate pasts for these inhabitants will become necessary for future cultural heritage management strategies.