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SIGNA, civil law. Those species of indicia (q.v.) which come more immediately under the cognizance of the senses, such as stains of blood on the person of one accused of murder, indications of terror at being charged with the offence, and the like.
     2. Signa, although not to be rejected as instruments of evidence, cannot always be relied upon as conclusive evidence, for they are frequently explained away; in the instance mentioned the blood may have been that of a beast, and expressions of terror have been frequently manifested by innocent persons who did not possess much firmness. See Best on Pres. 13, n. f.; Denisart, h.v.

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The Seven Star Global Luxury Awards came into being in order to, not only recognize, but also to set apart the extraordinary achievements in the Hospitality and Lifestyle sectors by bestowing upon them the Signum Virtutis - the seal of excellence.
They called it Hotel Signum, in homage to the effort they had to put into getting it started.
Hotel Signum is nestled among Malfa's citrus groves The house cellar contains many bottles carefully selected that come from every part of Italy.
Signum has a history of successful grant funding including four NIH SBIRs for skin therapeutics totaling over US$2.
Signum is a privately held biotech spinoff of Princeton University that develops analogs and mimetics of natural lipid ligands crucial to cellular regulation and signaling.
But despite fulfilling all the requirements of a family car, the Signum would slot very neatly into the business-user market too.
Both exceptionally fast and versatile, Signum is ideally suited to virtually any job from simple weighing to more demanding applications such as counting with automatic reference weight updating.
the new version of the Vauxhall Signum can accelerate from 0-60mph in 6.
Signum Records, now called Signum Classics, was founded especially for this recording project.
8-litre petrol engine is now available in the latest Vectra and Signum models.
VAUXHALL found themselves at the centre of a storm when they paid scary ref Pierluigi Collina pounds 600,000 to advertise the Signum.
So far as Vauxhall is concerned, the Signum is a fresh breed of premium car that's created a class of its own.