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In a similiar strike on an ambulance in the Jagdalpur district, five men from the Central Reserve Police Force and the driver were killed and four more injured, other officials said.
"We gave passport to a similiar case within five days of State CID clearance," it said.
A clique in Chicago is a group of people from a specific block--smaller than a proper gang, but with a similiar identity and purpose.
Franchise fee for similiar terriory $48,000 in itself without lease space, assets, client list & turn key going concern.
There are already plans in place for similiar parks in Holland and in Asia.
The Rhinos were in a similiar situation last year before climbing to fifth at the end of the regular season and going on a six-match winning run to secure the title at Old Trafford, but McDermott is not banking on a repeat.
In which mega city are all outdoor billboards and similiar advertising methods forbidden?
The change in the law this October provided for a 13-week waiting period before agency workers are granted the same pay and broadly similiar working conditions to their directly employed counterparts.
"While this particlar confidence trick was in progress you were wanted in Yorkshire for something similiar."
Open Mic and Karaoke are similiar but Karaoke is more lipsyncing than actual singing as a talented artist.
22 (BNA) Green technology has the potential to become a key driver for growth, employment and technology in Malaysia, similiar to the situation in Germany.
I READ with some interest that the Isa Town flyover should have been given to a local company because they have large numbers of Bahrainis working for them on similiar projects.