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If the (Middle East) region adopts simple lifestyle changes, they can achieve results within three weeks and, in some cases, even reverse Type 2 diabetes," Dr Malhotra told the GDN.
Neck pains often start early in life The BCA suggests a number of simple lifestyle changes can have an impact, including correct lifting and carrying techniques, choosing a handbag wisely, and not slouching.
REALITY We've all dreamt of escaping the rat race and returning to a more simple lifestyle.
A simple lifestyle and emphasis on saving money, only to spend it on those who were more deserving reminds one of the life of another great man of the sub-continent, M K Gandhi.
The hand hygiene programme aims at sensitising people that most contagious infections are preventable by adopting simple lifestyle practices like frequent washing of hands with soaps or handwashes.
Secondly, while the causes are not fully understood, you can lower your risk by making simple lifestyle changes.
of joy of technology for users while at the same time offer a simple lifestyle
We believe a real smartphone could provide a sense of joy of technology for users while at the same time offer a simple lifestyle for them in such era of information explosion, so that for users, the smartphone is not just a tool, but a fashion icon to reflect oneself.
The good news is that in most cases, raised blood pressure can be prevented or reduced with a few simple lifestyle changes.
Sanjay Patel, a sleep disorder specialist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, suggests simple lifestyle changes: not drinking alcohol at night, changing your sleep position, avoiding snore-inducing medications and addressing causes of nasal congestion.
Speaking about the initiative, chair of NEHW, David Cartwright, told OT: "There are lots of ways individuals and organisations can participate in the week and encourage everyone to have regular sight tests and make simple lifestyle changes that benefit their vision and eye health.