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SIMPLEX. Simple or single; as, charta simplex, is a deed-poll, of single deed. Jacob's L. Dict. h.t.

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Let [DELTA](B[X, Y)) be the order complex of the poset B[X, Y]\{y}: it is the simplicial complex whose vertex set is B[X, Y]\{y} and whose simplices are the finite chains in the poset.
For simplicial branch and bound, the feasible region should be initially covered by simplices.
The fill-in produced by [sigma], denoted Fill([sigma]), is a set of new edges that should be added to the graph G in such a way that for each i [member of] [[0,n - - 1 ]], the vertex [sigma](i) becomes simplicial in G[[sigma](i, n)].
Let A be a commutative unital simplicial m-barrelled Gelfand-Mazur algebra such that M(A) is nonempty (in particular, a commutative unital m-barrelled locally m-pseudoconvex Hausdorf algebra).
Viewed as a CW-complex, M then has the same homotopy type of a simplicial complex which affords further considerations particularly when reducing matters to a skeletal-like, graph-theoretic analysis.
Let A be a commutative simplicial Gelfand-Mazur algebra with nonempty set m(A).
1995) have addressed the problem of appropriate data structures for generalization through the development of their simplicial data structure (SDS), based on constrained Delaunay triangulation of the source data.
It is not even known which vectors appear as f-vectors of inscribable simplicial polytopes [Gon13].
0]interior penalty methods on general domains with simplicial triangulations, and they are also useful for other discontinuous Galerkin methods for fourth order problems [4, 34].
They look at complex hyperbolic lattices, rank-one isometries of proper CAT(0)-spaces, trace polynomials for simple loops on the twice punctured torus, the simplicial volume of products and fiber bundles, the homology of Hantzsche-Wendt groups, Seifert fibered structure and rigidity on real Bott towers, exotic circles in groups of piecewise smooth circle homeo-morphisms, and groups generated by spine reflections admitting crooked fundamental domains.
The second class contains many simplicial and rectangular branch-and-bound techniques, but, in general, considerably weaker bounds (Galperin 1985; Horst 1988; Pinter 1986a, 1988; Tuy and Horst 1988).
When we talk about topological properties of an interval I = [[sigma], [tau]] such as connectedness and shellability (to be discussed later), the interval inherits these properties from the topological space determined by the order complex of the open interval ([sigma], [tau]), that is, from the simplicial complex whose faces are the chains of ([sigma], [tau]).