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SIMPLEX. Simple or single; as, charta simplex, is a deed-poll, of single deed. Jacob's L. Dict. h.t.

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as does any simplicial map [Phi]: K [right arrow] L
Thus applying the results of [6], they are classified by simplicial maps from C to the nerve N([M.
Q] be the simplicial complex whose simplices are the sets of non-crossing Q-compatible inner edges.
Partitions may be hyper-rectangular, simplicial (Horst 1997; Gorodeckij 1999), hyper-conic or hyper-spherical.
Furthermore, if a graph is triangulated, any simplicial vertex can start a PES for the graph.
It is known (see [6], Corollaries 9 and 10) that every element in a commutative unital simplicial Gelfand-Mazur algebra (in particular, in a commutative unital locally m-pseudoconvex Hausdorff algebra) has a functional spectrum.
Un complejo simplicial abstracto sobre un conjunto finito cuyos elementos se llaman vertices V = {[a.
By introducing simplicial methods to analyze the underlying combinatorial structure of the manifold, we may recover graph-theoretic models as suited to the navigation through various types of information highways [2], systems of coding, symbolic dynamics [89] and complexity [88].
Physically one envisions these maps as taking an n-dimensional simplicial cell (n-loop) of the world-manifold onto an m-dimensional simplicial cell (m-loop) of the target C-space manifold; i.
5] does not mention the absence of local cut vertices or that the grid must be conforming, however the definition of a grid in that paper is that it be a "simplicial complex coming from the simplicial decomposition of a connected 2D manifold" which implies these conditions.
Una funcion simplicial entre simplejos geometricos, que pueden yacer en distintos espacios, es la extension convexa de una funcion entre vertices de los simplejos.
La geometria del Quijote es una representacion clasica de las formas con las que realizo mi trabajo, es una geometria simplicial.