Simul cum

SIMUL CUM, pleading. Together with. These words are used in indictments and declarations of trespass against several persons, when some of them are known and others are unknown.
     2. In cases of riots it is usual to charge that A B, together with others unknown, did the act complained of. 2 Chit. Cr. Law, 488; 2 Salk. R. 593.
     3. When a party sued with another pleads separately, the plea is generally entitled in the name of the person pleading, adding "sued with___," naming the other party. When this occurred, it was, in the old phraseology, called pleading with a simul cum.

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Presta, tu Pater, Deus clementissime, Unus cum Prole simul cum Spiritu Sancto qui cuncta gubernas imperio Iugiter, Semper per evi spatio Per infinito seculorum numero.
in pluribus praeexistentibus rebus scientias accepimus in paucis enim vel nullo quisquam hoc perspiciet simul cum scibili scientiam esse factam.