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SIMULATION, French law. This word is derived from the Latin simul, together. It indicates, agreeably to its etymology, the concert or agreement of two or more persons to give to one thing the appearance of another, for the purpose of fraud. Merl. Repert. h.t.
     2. With us such act might be punished by indictment for a conspiracy; by avoiding the pretended contract; or by action to recover back the money or property which may have been thus fraudulently obtained.

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2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Gaumard Scientific Company today unveiled its comprehensive line-up of innovative patient simulators that will be featured at The International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) World Congress 2015.
This is a significant shift from the cockpit procedures trainer mentality that has typically been associated with aircraft simulators.
If we continue with similar lifestyles, we may see more severe conditions," Takahashi says, noting that the task of accurately unraveling the relationships between local weather conditions, climate and global warming is an extremely complex task and would require a next-generation Earth Simulator.
The RT-LAB Electric Drive Simulator smoothly transitions non-real-time models to real-time simulation by providing support for:
Simulator rides are set on a motion base that gyrates in up to six different directions, called degrees of freedom: heave (moving up and down), pitch (tilting forward and back), roll (tilting side-to-side), surge (moving forward and back), sway (moving side-to-side), and yaw (twisting side-to-side).
In 1997, MetaVR was given the task of replacing the simulators at the Army's Aviation Test Bed in Fort Rucker, Alabama, where pilots learn how to fly helicopters.
It is expected to draw 2 million to 3 million a visitors a year, not only for the simulators, but also for two larger theaters that use somewhat older 3-D technology and motion pods to simulate one of several other kinds of motor sports races.
Hubbard says that the simulator produces four types of sensations.
Limitless training scenarios can also be run in the simulator allowing extreme or unusual flying conditions to be experienced in complete safety.
Initially OrCAD will provide the Model Technology simulator, as is, through its distribution channel.
District Court requesting a temporary restraining order to shut down testing of electronic components in the newly assembled EMPRESS-II simulator.
In addition, the Company also delivered new simulator models to Statoil's Mongstad refinery, the largest refinery complex in Norway, that will simulate the facility's delayed coking process and complement other GSE simulation models currently being utilized at the site.