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n. 1) failure to perform an act agreed to, where there is a duty to an individual or the public to act (including omitting to take care) or is required by law. Such an omission may give rise to a lawsuit in the same way as a negligent or improper act. 2) inadvertently leaving out a word, phrase or other language from a contract, deed, judgment or other document. If the parties agree that the omission was due to a mutual mistake, the document may be "reformed," but this may require a petition for a court order making the correction if it had been relied upon by government authorities or third parties. (See: negligence, breach of contract, reformation)

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OMISSION. An omission is the neglect to perform what the law requires.
     2. When a public law enjoins on certain officers duties to be performed by them for the public, and they omit to perform them, they may be indicted: for example, supervisors of the highways are required to repair the public roads; the neglect to do so will render them liable to be indicted.
     3. When a nuisance arises in consequence of an omission, it cannot be abated if it be a private nuisance without giving notice, when such notice can be given. Vide Branches; Commission; Nuisance; Trees.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Taylor, 33, said: "It's a momentous honour, and I'm just hugely thrilled that it's me who is to receive it." Berry said: "It would be a sin of omission, an act of prejudice, to exclude her from the accolade."
Now, it must atone for its five-year sin of omission by enacting laws that are unambiguous and consistent with international standards of humane treatment of prisoners.
But for a Labour administration to propose a measure that will subsidise the rich at the expense of the poor is far worse than a sin of omission.
And in Washington, that sin of omission has policy consequences.
Incompetence is the sin of omission, and corruption is the sin of commission.
'One of our biggest sin of omission is our neglect of our nation.
The Catholic Church calls this a sin of omission. Remembering loved ones who have died is a rich source of guilt - simply because, in our own minds, we were never a good enough child, partner or parent.
It's called the sin of omission,' said Pabillo during his homily at the Arzobispado de Manila in Intramuros, Manila.
Question: Had massive immunization (which was there to offer) not been implemented, and there happened to be a massive dengue outbreak at that time, with casualties in its wake, would the sin of omission or indecisiveness be cited against the incumbents then?
Sir, there should be no ifs and buts about making them answer for their sin of omission.
'Let's make this an impetus for us to rally together to protest, to express contrition for our social sin of omission and do something-whatever we are capable of doing to correct this shameful tragedy,' he added.
Are the Presidents sins of omission or commission in Mamasapano more important than his sin of omission vis-AA -vis the vacancies in the constitutional commissions?