Sine Qua Non

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Sine Qua Non

[Latin, Without which not.] A description of a requisite or condition that is indispensable.

In the law of torts, a causal connection exists between a particular act and an injury when the injury would not have arisen but for the act. This is known as the but for rule or sine qua non rule.

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sine qua non

(see-nay kwah nahn) prep. Latin for "without which it could not be," an indispensable action or condition. Example: if Charlie Careless had not left the keys in the ignition, his 10-year-old son could not have started the car and backed it over Polly Playmate. So Charlie's act was the sine qua non of the injury to Playmate.

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Campaign contributions are the sine qua non of gaining and keeping political influence
First Democracy provides readers with an understanding of the barriers preventing contemporary America in the opening decade of the 21st century from being a true democracy, as well as offering readers a provocative presentation of the democratic "sine qua non": freedom from tyranny, social harmony, the rule of law, natural equality, citizen wisdom, reasoning without knowledge, and general education.
Today greed is usually the sine qua non of drug development within the U.S.
As a sine qua non for obtaining the loan, the negative pledge would arguably make the entire loan proceeds an amount "received or receivable" in respect of the covenant.
Prediction, in Hawkins' telling, is the sine qua non of intelligence.
I know not." When he went bankrupt soon after, the merchant declared that his "days of sentiment have gone"; from now on, "the sine qua non is money."
Since the existence of that single cell embryo is, in the first place, the sine qua non for most of these illicit procedures to be possible, it is only logical that the law should prohibit the creation of any single cell human organism by any technique.
Kudos to E Magazine for its important articles on population, especially "The Numbers Game." Stopping population growth is an environmental sine qua non. Doug Moss' editorial ("Caring Capacity," E Word) in the same issue also makes some good points, except where it seems to imply that immigration reduction activists should abandon efforts to restrict immigration in favor of "address[ing] population growth and movement at its roots."
Bloomfield described internationally mandated national disarmament as the "sine qua non" (indispensable condition) of a UN-dominated world order.
"Expressive typography is the sine qua non of the graphic designer--font styles and parameters such as size and color are selected to lend additional interpretive potential to a plain text message.
English language proficiency is a sine qua non for the success of the IMET program.