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BILL, SINGLE, contracts. A writing by which one person or more, promises to another or others, to pay him or them a sum of money at a time therein specified, without any condition. It is usually under seal; and when so, it is sometimes, if not commonly, called a bill obligatory. (q. v.) 2 S. & R. 115.
     2. It differs from a promissory note in this, that the latter is always payable to order; and from a bond, because that instrument has always a condition attached to it, on the performance of which it is satisfied. 5 Com. Dig. 194; 7 Com. 357.

SINGLE. By itself, unconnected.
     2. A single bill is one without any condition, and does not depend upon any future event to give it validity. Single is also applied to an unmarried person; as, A B, single woman. Vide Simplex.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Over the next five years, by the time of the next election, Northumberland County Council is going to give PS1m of taxpayers' money to a single individual to oversee an already bloated bureaucracy while the good people of Northumberland are expected to endure increased hardship, misery and stress as the council implements ever more cuts to vital public services and makes redundancies the very people who deliver them.
Its reason is law, not the will of a single individual. Constitutionalism is the rule of the people.
In fact, some low--and middle-income families with one spouse working full time and another spouse working part time or staying home to raise children can actually have a marriage bonus, as compared to two single individuals earning the equivalent income but choosing cohabitation over marriage.
For the 2012 index, the group looked at what the same 55-year-old single individual would pay for between $165,000 and $200,000 in coverage.
SHE represents the family photo idea with a new twist: an oversized collection of single individual portraits that seek to capture isolated moments and people; not group activities or poses.
"No single individual is bigger than the team, the Razorback football program or the University of Arkansas," Long said at his Tuesday night press conference.
Genetic analysis of 22 dung samples collected between 2009 and 2010, has revealed that they all belonged to a single individual which was found dead in April last year.
However, the concentration of shareholder capital in the hands of a single individual and the relatively low market share at the national level partially offset these strengths.
Currently, the voting right of a single individual or entity is limited to 10 per cent, irrespective of their shareholding.
The police are nowhere to be seen, only a single individual "controlling" (?) the lights at the junction with Shaikh Salman Highway and he has absolutely no idea what is going on at the junction at Mina Salman Port behind him.
Cllr McLuckie said it would put a frightening amount of power in the hands of a single individual.
"I didn't expect that and I would like to thank every single individual fan for the way they treated me."

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