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Though there is clearly a standard model for both single combat and pitched battles that was used throughout the literature of the European Middle Ages, scholars have not attempted to establish its characteristics.
The opening chapter begins with definitions of the early modern duel of honor, identifying both its roots in and contrasts with earlier versions of individual fighting such as single combat between two opposed leaders, the more playful chivalric tradition of jousting, and the judicial duel offering trial by combat.
Their deaths represent the heaviest single combat loss for British forces since the 1991 Gulf War.
Dugdale says that one knight was buried here, while others claim it as the burial place of the giant Dane Colbran killed in single combat, decapitated by Sir Guy of Warwick.
And if the likes of unpopular Tim, PJ, Jade and Sophie were forced into single combat against him, the outcome could be a landslide.
While Shakespeare may have been inspired to open Richard II with the Bolingbroke-Mowbray dispute because of the duel's popularity in his own time, we should be careful not to confuse the early modern duel of honor with the legally authorized medieval trial by combat or the single combat of military tradition.
Although gladiators were clearly Roman, the values presented in gladiatorial single combat were central to Greek culture as well as to Roman.
He told one committee in 1997 that the B-2 is a miracle plane that can "fly anywhere in the world within a few hours, safely penetrate modern air defenses and precisely destroy up to 16 separate targets with minimum collateral damage" - even though the B-2 has yet to fly a single combat mission.
Reaching a fever-pitched stalemate, the characters find themselves transported to the Ultradome - a packed stadium where the two engage in single combat, using weaponry, gear and skills from the pop culture touchstones referenced in the argument.
The Konkerer legend spread, boys would worriedly whisper "He's coming," and the local champion would prepare for battle, knights about to meet in single combat.
A war would be devastating so, to avoid that, the Agori settle all their conflict through single combat using the Glatorians, powerful warriors who fight for pay and for glory.

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