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First, he challenges a native Italian warrior-prince, Turnus, to single combat (Aeneid 11.
A strong man like Gregor Clegane would be very difficult to beat in single combat.
Others believed that gorillas could light fires, build huts, defeat elephants in single combat, catch and throw spears back at attackers.
It's remembered now as the infamous Bodyline Tour, billed as a sort of gladiatorial single combat between the world's greatest batsman and the world's most lethal fast bowler: Don Bradman versus Harold Larwood.
According to legend, Nuada was the first king of the Tuatha De Danann, who lost his hand (or his arm, depending) in single combat, and had to relinquish his leadership.
Fierabras is defeated in single combat by Oliver, converts to Christianity and is baptised, and is granted half of Spain as his kingdom.
Shakespeare's Second Tetralogy enacts a shift in the conventions of single combat that is tied to both changing English notions of honor and the evolving technology of weaponry in the period between the late-fourteenth and late-sixteenth centuries.
Single Combat and Warfare in German Literature of the High Middle Ages: Stricker's "Karl der Grosse" and "Daniel von dem Bluhenden Tal.
This infamous golden turkey has never flown even a single combat mission.
A war would be devastating so to avoid that, the Agori settle all their conflict though single combat using the Glatorians, powerful warriors who fight for pay and for glory.
Despite operating the four oldest aircraft in the air wing, we had managed to avoid cancelling a single combat mission through a combination of maintenance ingenuity, operational flexibility, and a little good fortune.
Russia's United Aircraft (OAK) is to create a single combat aircraft division by merging its RSK MiG and Sukhoi units under the leadership of Sukhoi boss Mikhail Pogosyan.

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