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SINGLE ENTRY. A term used among merchants signifying that the entry is made to charge or to credit an individual or thing, without, at the same time, presenting any other part of the operation; it is used in contradistinction to double entry. (q.v.) For example, a single entry is made, A B debtor, or A B creditor, without designating what are the connexions between the entry and the objects which composed the fortune of the merchant.

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Radio Single Entry, First Place First National Bank of Searcy County for Internet Banking Agency: Sells Clark.
Kirby Williams/Summit for newspaper black and white, newspaper color, radio single entry and radio campaign; and Sells Clark/First State Bank for newspaper campaign, TV single entry, direct mail-flat, ourdoor, collateral and total campaign.
GDM, an extension of SS&C's Money Market Manager[TM] platform, enables global banks and securities firms to streamline Global Registrar, Transfer and Paying Agency operations though a single entry point via the Internet.
With CATIA PLM Express, new and existing customers have a single entry point which evolves with their needs and job requirements.
Acting as a service delivery platform (SDP), the ISG provides a single entry point for applications to access and integrate dynamic network intelligence such as subscriber location data, billing and provisioning information, and policy/privacy instructions to create new value added services.
com, State Street's integrated online customer information delivery platform, which acts as a secure, single entry point to State Street's full suite of sophisticated market data and analysis applications.
CareKeeper's VividNet(TM) software benefits providers throughout all aspects of their operations with a workflow-oriented system based on a single entry design that drives information from the front-office service delivery to the back-office financial management.
And when Stockholm County Council, Stockholms Lans Landsting (SLL) (Sweden), required a single entry portal for all of its healthcare applications, it turned to HP.
Utilizing proprietary single entry (SEMCI) technology, NSB's Internet-based front end includes appetite information and screens unwanted risks before being seen by the underwriter.
This thorough process has enabled XO to achieve a complete, consolidated database of record, resulting in a single entry point for all types of data, with automated flow-through to other systems.
The Web site provides a single entry point to State Street's full suite of sophisticated market data and analysis applications in a highly customizable environment.
The control plane based architecture provides a single entry point into their network and allows service providers to significantly improve overall network management and deployment of VoIP resources.

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