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SINGLE ENTRY. A term used among merchants signifying that the entry is made to charge or to credit an individual or thing, without, at the same time, presenting any other part of the operation; it is used in contradistinction to double entry. (q.v.) For example, a single entry is made, A B debtor, or A B creditor, without designating what are the connexions between the entry and the objects which composed the fortune of the merchant.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The English-Irish pop band was included as a single entry for the total earnings as the money was generated by the group, rather than for any solo work, Sky News reported.
A guaranteed PS600 awaits the Ian Whillis competition champion which will have a PS3 single entry fee.
The only other new single entry in this week's top 40 was Black Heart by British R'n'B girl group Stooshe, which entered the chart at number four.
Between the 1990s and 2010 Jews went from dominating the list of banned/challenged books to barely scrambling by with a single entry on the charts.
New arrangements include; OMR 5 single entry tourism visa for up to 10 days, OMR 20 single entry for stays between 10 days and a month, cruise ship arrivals up to 48 hours are free, OMR 5 for multiple visits
One of them said he went to the Saudi Embassy in London four times to obtain a single entry visa," he said.
The pair called for an end to the single entry point for forces which has seen only one black chief constable in Britain.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for the Epiducer lead delivery system, which allows physicians to place multiple neurostimulation threads through a single entry point.
In an article in the online Huffington Post, Jamal Abdi, the NIAC policy director, and Trita Parsi, the organization's president, said the regime in Tehran pressures students not to study in the West, while the single entry visa only adds pressure to avoid the United States.
Henderson does not have a single entry in the race, and said yesterday: "Paul had a very good festival and we've made very little inroads into his lead, so it doesn't really matter."
The coverage of this item in their "phonebook" has dwindled from a full page in several places to a single entry on page 1081 of catalog #31 (part #303560, $36.70).
Among the errors are late filing, using the acronym EWEB instead of spelling out the utility's name and correcting a single entry that was mistakenly filed twice.

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