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In the single precision representation 1 bit is used for coding the sign, 8 bits are reserved for the biased representation of the exponent, and 23 bits are assigned to the fractional part of the significant.
This core provides support for IEEE 754 floating-point arithmetic operations in single precision.
0 TFLOPS of single precision performance and 400 GFLOPS of double precision floating point performance in a single-slot, 150W solution with 2GB of GDDR5 memory, enabling breakthrough compute density.
The wider data path and output enable increased dynamic range and higher precision as well as optimized support for single precision floating point operations using half the resources consumed by 90-nm FPGAs.
72 Single Precision Performance (TFLOPs) compared to ATI FirePro[TM] V7750 with 1.
IEEE 754-2008 Single Precision and Double Precision Floating Point
National also is expanding its VIP50 precision portfolio with four new products, adding the LMP7704, LMP7712, LMP7715 and LMP7716 to the LMP7701 and LMP7711 single precision amplifiers introduced in 2005.
94 Teraflops of single precision performance and 7,266 Gigaflops of double precision performance per cluster

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