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7 TFLOPS of single precision floating point performance in a single slot, and is designed to meet the needs of professional VR content creators.
Here, we only take single precision on C2050 to test the effective bandwidth of all algorithms.
On GPUs, double precision GFLOPS is smaller than the single precision [11], which results in faster executions when floating point numbers are used.
Though there were many forms for floating points suggested and employed by precedent researchers, our whole work fully utilizes IEEE754 single precision standard alone because of its easy usage in experimental level.
In the above figure, Reversible fused add-subtract (RFFAS) represents the realization of a reversible single precision floating point adder and subtractor as a single unit.
Keywords: Computer Arithmetic, Single Precision Elementary Functions, Table-Based Methods, ATA Method.
For a given longitude difference, [DELTA][lambda], the angle at vertex A was computed by several methods: from formula (9) with single precision (value [[alpha].
It is also easy to see that overflow cannot arise during the conversion of 32- or 64-bit integers to floating-point formats, since one of the assumptions of our test tool is that the floating-point format under consideration is at least as large as IEEE single precision.
Only the even registers are used for single precision, and a double-precision number is kept in an even-odd register pair.
It delivers a peak performance of 20 Mflops, single precision and 10 Mflops double precision.
It features two ultra-efficient GK110 GPUs that provide up to 3X performance per watt for single precision applications than its predecessor, the M2090.
In Figure 5, the measured memory bandwidth results for single precision and double precision are reported.

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