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The creation of the euro involves no legal obligation to create a single seat in the international institutions.
Frame For Single Seat To Drg 582-6-1-007 Alt C 20 Nos 3.
Qty/Coach-18 Nos 2 For Single Seat 38X497x562 Mm, Qty/Coach-19 Nos 3 For Transverse Middle And Upper Bearth 38X555x1880 Mm, Qty/Coach 36 Nos 4 For Longitudinal Side Upper Bearth 38X538x1650 Mm, Qty/Coach-09 Nos 5 For Single Seat Backrest 25X498x785 Mm, Qty/Coach-19 Nos.
Single Seat Complete Rh Gs461407 Col 3 Alt L Qty 10Nos.