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Peter, 56, grinned: "I went to buy a light bulb in an old hardware store - like the one in the Four Candles sketch - and a bloke came out from behind the counter with a sink plunger stuck to his head."
I haven't looked at the latest edition to arrive, but if past experience is anything to go by there will be a selection of the following: household cloths; liquid detergents; anti-bacterial, anti-greasing bathroom liquid sprays; 'new generation' plastic pegs; anti-static frying pan buffers; and a 'revolutionary' sink plunger for removing trapped sweetcorn.
There's a bald fan with a rubber sink plunger topped by a Boro flag slapped right on top of his head and he's going nuts.
Being kissed by Sid would be about as sexy as an assault with a sink plunger.
Building inspector, carer, complaints handler, confidante and counsellor, dad, dogsbody and drain un-blocker, employer, financial controller, fire officer, health and safety officer, human resource director, husband, litter collector, manager, official ranter and raver, purchaser, risk assessor, shoulder to cry on, sink plunger, teacher, trainer, strategist and writer.
'When I made my first one in the 1980s, I used broom handles for arms and a sink plunger.
Answer: Use the classic sink plunger to flush water under pressure through the pipe.
So, does the perfect woman in your eyes have to have lips like a sink plunger?
A good old fashioned sink plunger will come in handy when a sink, bath or basin waste pipe is blocked.
Webster decorated his triumph with a brave public confession which sent his street cred dipping faster than a sink plunger.
An hour after Boro had slipped through the plughole, with only the faintest hope of reprieve from a sink plunger next Sunday, a biblical storm raged around the Riverside.
We started snogging at 7pm and finished at 9.30pm, by which time my lips were red raw and so swollen I could have got part-time work as a sink plunger. Still, every episode in life is a lesson.