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SIRE. A title of honor given to kings or emperors in speaking or writing to them.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"Sire," said Blacas, who had for a moment the hope of sacrificing Villefort to his own profit, "I am compelled to tell you that these are not mere rumors destitute of foundation which thus disquiet me; but a serious-minded man, deserving all my confidence, and charged by me to watch over the south" (the duke hesitated as he pronounced these words), "has arrived by post to tell me that a great peril threatens the king, and so I hastened to you, sire."
"I say, sire, that the minister of police is greatly deceived or I am; and as it is impossible it can be the minister of police as he has the guardianship of the safety and honor of your majesty, it is probable that I am in error.
"Instantly, sire." And the officer immediately went and knocked at the door of communication, which the valet opened to him.
"Sire," replied Charles II., "I was going to Paris, in the hope of seeing your majesty, when report informed me of your approaching arrival in this city.
"For that purpose, yes, sire; your majesty will be at the head of ten thousand men in less than an hour."
"Such friendships, sire, had nothing dishonorable in them so long as I was ignorant of the crime."
"Sire," said Athos, "perhaps a king should act thus, but not a husband and a father.
"Sire, have you in the army one regiment on which you can implicitly rely?"
"Yes, sire. They are knaves from the Cour-des-Miracles.
Gossip Jacques exclaimed, "Instantly, sire! there will be time to sack the bailiwick a score of times, to violate the seignory, to hang the bailiff.
"Yes, sire, and one wounded man; so that three of the king's Musketeers--one of whom was wounded--and a youth not only maintained their ground against five of the most terrible of the cardinal's Guardsmen, but absolutely brought four of them to earth."
"Yes, sire; as complete as that of the Bridge of Ce."