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A book containing references, alphabetically arranged, to the contents of a series or collection of documents or volumes; or a section (normally at the end) of a single volume or set of volumes containing such references to its contents.

Statistical indexes are also used to track or measure changes in the economy (for example, the Consumer Price Index) and movement in stock markets (for example, Standard & Poor's Index). Such indexes are usually keyed to a base year, month, or other period of comparison.

In mortgage financing, the term is used to determine adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) interest rates after the discount period ends. Common indexes for ARMs are one-year Treasury Securities and the national average cost of funds to savings and loan associations.

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It should have been no surprise then when in August of last year, a petition emerged, allegedly spontaneously, from Egyptians calling for 140 to be amended to allow Sisi to remain as president beyond his two terms.
'I am very happy because President Sisi has won and now he will be able to complete the economic projects that he started in his first term.'
If 93.3pc of those people truly did vote for Sisi, then he has the support of just over one-third of Egyptians.
After deposing Mursi, Sisi unveiled a political roadmap meant to lead to free and fair elections.
The technical director at Gaza's sole electricity plant, Abu Sisi was charged with developing Hamas' rocket capabilities.
Others in showbiz showing Sisi some love are director Khaled Youssef, who's taken on the full responsibility of organizing Sisi's electoral campaign .
DUBAI -- A UAE government spokesperson stressed Monday the "UAE's respect for will of the Egyptian people and support for their political choices."And concerning the statements of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, the official said in a statement carried by WAM state news agency, "The brotherly advice was for General Sisi not to stand as a military man for the presidency." "But if he runs as a civilian, answering the call of his people, that would be a personal choice for Sisi," he added.The ruler of Dubai has said he hopes Egyptian army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi will not run for Egypt's presidency, days after the general indicated his willingness to stand in the election."I hope he stays in the army.
"All working companies are Egyptian and civic, with Egyptian laborers...The Armed Forces' role is advisory and administrative," said President Sisi during the inauguration of 12 mega-projects in Ismailia and Central Sinai on Sunday.
On the other hand, the group 'Stop Sisi' said that they "are organising a protest later Wednesday at 10 Downing Street alongside various groups and organisations.
According to a statement issued by spokesman Bassam Rady, Sisi and Merkel discussed a number of regional issues.
According to statement issued by Egypt's Presidency spokesperson Bassam Radi, Ouattara gave a speech during the ceremonies, during which he considered Sisi's visit as historical event, as it's the first of its kind by an Egyptian President.
Following his two-day visit to Washington, President Sisi, the president of the African Union in 2019, headed to Cote D'ivoire to boost the bilateral relations between both sides.