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And, just like Sisyphus would watch the boulder roll back down the hill once he'd almost reached the top, I know that any proposal to save money will be voted down by the European Union.
Just like Sisyphus in Greek mythology -- the king of Ephyra who was punished for his deceitfulness and forced to roll a boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll back down again -- the women in society drag the stone to the top of the mountain before it rolls back again into the abyss.
For example, the book rightly sheds light on the darker--cunning and criminal--face of Sisyphus, interestingly ignored by Camus.
Timely Warning The Sisyphus story is a timely warning to those who try to act too clever.
And I saw Sisyphus too, [Odysseus says,] bound to his own torture, grappling with his monstrous boulder with both arms working, heaving, hands struggling, legs driving, he kept on thrusting the rock uphill toward the brink, but just as it teetered, set to topple--time and again the immense weight of the thing would wheel it back and the ruthless boulder would bound and tumble down to the plain again--so once again he would heave, would struggle to thrust it up, sweat drenching his body, dust swirling about his head.
In fact, in the case of Syria, Iran, and even the Israel-Palestine talks, the president and his secretary of state may end up feeling like more like Sisyphus than any other of history's great peacemakers before their term in office is over.
According to Greek mythology, Sisyphus was punished by ancient Greek gods for chronic deceitfulness.
And I saw Sisyphus in agonizing torment trying to roll a huge stone to the top of a hill," wrote Homer in The Odyssey.
Her exhibition in Huddersfield is titled Sisyphus, a reference to The Myth of Sisyphus (1942) by Albert Camus where he concludes that happiness can be found in the simple repeated action of labour.
Shortly after I adopted him, Sisyphus was diagnosed with Happy Tail Syndrome.
Despite a few tears, she fights on, remembering the legend of Sisyphus which her late father told her.