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And I saw Sisyphus too, [Odysseus says,] bound to his own torture, grappling with his monstrous boulder with both arms working, heaving, hands struggling, legs driving, he kept on thrusting the rock uphill toward the brink, but just as it teetered, set to topple--time and again the immense weight of the thing would wheel it back and the ruthless boulder would bound and tumble down to the plain again--so once again he would heave, would struggle to thrust it up, sweat drenching his body, dust swirling about his head.
As author, Agapi Stassinopoulos suggests "what if, while Sisyphus was up there, he kicked the rock with such force that it rolled all the way down the mountain, into the valley and through the river?
In fact, in the case of Syria, Iran, and even the Israel-Palestine talks, the president and his secretary of state may end up feeling like more like Sisyphus than any other of history's great peacemakers before their term in office is over.
According to Greek mythology, Sisyphus was punished by ancient Greek gods for chronic deceitfulness.
Creation" or art is another way to express human experiences, wrote Albert Camus, in his Myth of Sisyphus (1942), a philosophical essay examining the meaning of life.
Nick Malkoutzis, a well-known columnist of the Greek daily Kathimerini, explained recently how Sisyphus has made at least halfway.
With the hardships of Sisyphus, we are to roll the boulder since it is clear to all of us that now name negotiations cannot be carried out, Kostovska concludes.
Sisyphus on Hiatus, Sisyphus on Hiatus LLC, 1903 Rhododendron Way, Bellingham, WA 98229
from Sisyphus, who bathed it in his stinking sweat, from wounded
When we discover later in the book that Hayley Foss is the daughter of the Pleiade Merope and the mortal king Sisyphus and therefore thousands of years old, and that furthermore her "Uncle Jolyon" is Jupiter, who has decreed she should never grow up or know anything about her family, we begin to look at this reading list in a different light.
If these challenges are difficult, taking on the rest of Food 2030's agenda looks like a labour of Hercules or, more likely, one of Sisyphus.
If not, we end up like Sisyphus, ordered by the gods to push a heavy stone up a steep hill, only for them to snatch it from him as he neared the top and roll it back to the bottom.