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Aerial photos shot of Six Shooter from Steve Nail's helicopter provide sweeping views of Lake McLeod, Long Lake, and a robust habitat burgeoning with deciduous trees and wetlands.
The Six Shooter becomes the smallest of Vermeer's 11 HDD models, and its compact size and impressive power-to-size ratio are key features of the new machine, says Ed Savage, the company's underground segment manager.
Obviously, Roosevelt felt the same way, for one month later, in June of 1883, he ordered a second identical Colt Frontier Six Shooter, serial 92267, to be sent to Hartley & Graham for engraving.
"Most writers are trying desperately to sell their script, but with Martin it's more about trying to persuade him to let you make it," notes "Six Shooter" producer Kenton Allen.
I discovered this when a friend brought his 1873-1973 Frontier Six Shooter over for some friendly competition.
The Grade Three race has attracted last year's UAE President's Cup winner Grilla, 2010 Texas horse of the year and Texas Derby winner Chriss SWA and TM Fred Texas, a Grade Two winner of the Texas Six Shooter last month.
It is the nearest thing I've ever found to a genuine 1870s Colt Frontier Six Shooter, yet is made of modern steels and uses closely-matching barrel/cylinder specs.
introduces the new Rough Rider six shooter in the hot .17HMR caliber, which delivers increased velocity of between 1,750 to 1,800 fps.
Ruaidhri Conroy, star of the Oscar-winning short film Six Shooter, was barred from entering the States because he overstayed a visa by two days in 1998.
The 35-year-old picked up the award for Best Live Action Short Film for the black comedy Six Shooter - McDonagh's directorial debut.
Renowned Irish Playwright Martin McDonagh was also nominated in Best Live Action Short Film category for his debut film Six Shooter which stars Brendan Gleeson.
His film Six Shooter, which stars Irish actor Brendan Gleeson, has been nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Live Action Short Film Category.