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According to Gonzalez, the 10,000-year-old Quintana Roo skeletons, whose physical features are similar to those of people from Central and South Asia, lend additional support to the multiple migration theory.
Experts in Cyprus are trying to unravel the identity of one of the island's older inhabitants, after a skeleton was discovered protruding from a cliff in one of the island's richest archaeological sites.
The first 20 skeletons were discovered on Saturday when municipal corporation workers were digging the area for widening the drainage system.
World oldest and strange dinosaur species' skeletons are being exhibited in the Dinosaur's of Argentina Exhibition during this period.
In Martigues, 205 skeletons buffed in 5 trenches were dated from 1720 to 1721 on the basis of coins and detailed parish bills that listed the victims (Figure).
The first and most mysterious of the skeletons was unearthed soon after work to excavate the site started last week.
When they die, their skeletons sink to the seafloor.
It's just things like skeletons zinging one-liners at you.
When the students climbed out of Alvin, they reported that during a navigation wobble off the old route, they had happened upon a full whale skeleton, the first ever recorded on the ocean floor.
Live skeleton From 4pm, Eurosport 2 A FOOTBALLmatch between two humdrum Conference outfits is not going to brighten up a dreary midwinter Monday, so TV viewers may wish to sample something a bit different tonight, writes Steve Palmer.
And every October, Polizzi gripes about the cost and the tedium: hanging all the skeletons, synching music to their movements, rigging motors and strings to make the skeletons party properly, and erecting elaborate props like spider-infested cotton candy machines.
In 1976 Maria Pearson, a Yankton-Sioux woman living in Iowa, learned that a road crew had excavated a grave site, unearthing 26 Caucasian skeletons and one of an Indian woman.