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To gather volunteer sketchers and documentaries for the project's team work, Gohar launched a call for volunteers on the social networks to gather the qualified team who will be in charge of sketching, drawing, collecting information and writing.
Inspired by the international organization, Urban Sketchers, the group decided to create a local group back in January to get local artists together to do what they love most.
While that product line didn't work out, Sketchers has been humming right along and is currently a Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy).
It can help turn average sketchers into fine wildlife artists.
Sue is part of Urban Sketchers, a sketching community which meets on a monthly basis to practice their skills.
The ad featured a bulldog, who raced along with the elite greyhounds but won the race as it was wearing the red sketchers sneakers.
He negotiated leases with such major national tenants as Sketchers, Dollar Tree, and GNC.
uk) stocks everything from Sketchers to Toms to its own brand shoes.
Sketchers are holding a sale until the end of the month on a variety of footwear.
The Ugandan is now a Sales Executive and Brand Ambassador for Sketchers Middle East, draws four times his previous salary and has moved out from his labour camp accommodation to an apartment at International City.
To be fair, she does come from a long line of doodlers, habitual sketchers and those who have wielded a paintbrush in anger, so I shouldn't be particularly surprised with her predilection for committing pen to paper; however, the sheer volume of her output is quite staggering.
When she was last seen by her family she was wearing black leggings, a black coat with a fluffy hood and black Sketchers shoes.