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However, as the currently available formulae for body fat estimation based upon skin fold thickness are all developed from data based upon western populations it is uncertain if these equations are valid in south east Asian population with the much greater prevalence of adiposity.
Briefly, the test is read 72 h later, by comparing the relative millimetre increase in skin fold thickness (in-vivo cell mediated response to each tuberculin) at each injection site.
Skin fold advancement flap for closing large sternal and inguinal wounds in cats and dogs.
To measure skin folds, a Slim Guide skin fold caliper (Creative health products Plymouth MICH PATENT PEND) was utilized.
There is statistical significance between skin fold thickness and BMI.
10 The triceps skin fold (TSF) was measured on the backside of the arm, at the midpoint between the acromion and the olecranon.
Concern over the frequency of IM injections resulted in the recommendation to pinch up a skin fold into which the needle should be inserted.
Regarding nutritional parameters, Triceps Skin Fold Thickness, Subscapular Skin Fold Thickness, mid-arm circumference and serum albumin were also statistically low in CRP positive patients although serum cholesterol levels did not differ significantly in our study.
In addition, there was a strange skin fold on his neck.
While the 4 mm needle may be administered at 90 degrees for many children without the aid of a skin fold, thinner children may still need to inject using the skin-fold technique.
The researchers looked at two definitions of obese, the traditional body mass index which is a calculation of weight divided by height squared, and body fat percentage measured using the highly accurate water displacement method and skin fold callipers.
The clinical diagnosis of LCH in infants and children includes scaly erythematous seborrheic-like dermatitis, brown or red papules that may be lichenoid, and erythema in skin fold areas including the groin and the anterior neck folds, often with punctate erosions, he noted.