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Nappies should be left off for as long as is practical to reduce exposure to skin irritants
Skin irritant and sensitizing plants of medicinal significance.
42am today following the discovery of a suspicious package containing a skin irritant aboard a delivery trailer.
Hot spots occur in dogs when a skin irritant in a localised area causes the dog to scratch and often rub off the top layer of skin, revealing raw, exposed dermis that is prone to infection.
And wear gloves, as the sap of euphorbias is a skin irritant.
The products tested demonstrated no skin irritant effects.
The American College of Toxicology published a report in 1983 which deemed this substance as a skin irritant and recommended that products containing this cleansing agent be used only for a brief, discontinuous time followed by a thorough rinse.
Bearing tall spikes of helmeted flowers in blues and purples in the summer, it's poisonous and a skin irritant.
Mineral oil - baby oil, essentially - is a skin irritant and solvent which strips the skin of its natural oils, so your skin gets drier and drier the more you use," explains Thomas.
Don't touch the bulbs with bare hand as hyacinth dust can be a skin irritant.
Long recognized as a potent respiratory carcinogen, skin irritant, and kidney and liver toxicant, Cr(VI) was also shown in a May 2007 technical report by the National Toxicology Program to cause cancer in rodents exposed through drinking water.
Limonene: A known carcinogen, as well as an eye and skin irritant and sensitizer.